CAD Forms

CAD Forms

Exemptions Model forms, exemption applications, and special-use applications are made available here as a public courtesy. Please mail completed forms to:

Hill County Appraisal District
PO Box 416
Hillsboro, TX 76645

* All homestead applications must be accompanied by a copy of applicant’s driver’s license or other information as required by the Texas Property Tax Code. Applicant may also be required to complete an affidavit to qualify for an exemption under certain situations.

Click here to view the Texas Property Tax Code

Application/FormsProperty Tax Code Reference
Hill CAD Homestead Exemption
Homestead Affidavits Form 50-114-A
Residence Homestead Section 11.13
Disabled Veteran’s ExemptionDisabled Veterans Section 11.22
Other Property Tax Exemption Forms
Special Appraisal
Hill CAD Application for 1-D-1 Agricultural Use Appraisal
Hill CAD Ag Use Guidelines
Definitions of Agricultural Land Section 23.51
Personal Property RenditionRendition Generally Section 22.01
General Real Estate RenditionRendition Generally Section 22.01
Application for Property Tax Exemption: for Vehicle Used to Produce Income and Personal Non-Income Producing Activities Motor Vehicle Used for Production of Income and for Personal Activities Sec. 11.252
Special Inventory
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration / ConfidentialDealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory; Value Section 23.121
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement / ConfidentialPrepayment of Taxes by Certain Taxpayers Section 23.122
Dealer’s Vessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Declaration / ConfidentialDealer’s Vessel and Outboard Motor Inventory: Value Section 23.124
Dealer’s Vessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Tax Statement / ConfidentialPrepayment of Taxes by Certain Taxpayers Section 23.125
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory DeclarationDealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory: Value Section 23.1241
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax StatementPrepayment of Taxes by Heavy Equipment Dealers Section 23.1242
Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory DeclarationRetail Manufactured Housing Inventory: Value Section 23. 127
Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Tax StatementPrepayment of Taxes by Manufactured Housing Retailers Section 23.128
ARB – Appraisal Review Board
Notice of ProtestRight of Protest Section 41.41
Affidavit of EvidenceProperty Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence to the Appraisal Review Board; Form 50-283
For a Complete list of forms and applications visit the Texas Comptroller Web site.

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