Board Members

Board Members

Ford, Don – Chairman

Fulton, Eugene


Sawyer, John – Secretary

Skelton, Roberta

General Statement of Functions of the Hill County Appraisal District Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the following primary responsibilities:

  • establish the appraisal district’s appraisal office;
  • employ a chief appraiser;
  • adopt the appraisal district’s annual operating budget;
  • contract for necessary services;
  • hire a taxpayer liaison officer if applicable;
  • provide advice and consent to the chief appraiser concerning the appointment of an agricultural appraisal advisory board;
  • approve contracts with appraisal firms selected by the chief appraiser to perform appraisal services for the district;
  • make general policies on the appraisal district’s operation; and
  • biennially develop a written plan for the periodic reappraisal of all property within the district’s boundaries.

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